Washington D.C. — U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, which increases pay for our service members, reverses national security cuts, ensures military readiness, and restores funding to modernize American shipyards.

The NDAA authorizes annual funding for the Department of Defense and defense-related programs at other federal agencies. With strong bipartisan support, this legislation passed by a vote of 316-113

The bill authorizes $778 billion for military activities, a five percent increase from FY2021.

“This is one of the most important bills we pass as Members of Congress. The NDAA provides funding for our national defense which keeps Americans safe at home and abroad,” Rep. Thompson said. “These funds will be used to improve our national security, modernize our naval fleet, and provide a well-deserved pay raise for our troops.”

Additive Manufacturing Amendment
Rep. Thompson supported an amendment in the NDAA expressing the importance of additive manufacturing and machine learning and the potential they have in accelerating the ability to improve our military manufacturing, ultimately strengthening the U.S. defense industrial supply chain.

“I am proud to represent a district that strives to provide our military with the most up-to-date technology and equipment,” Rep. Thompson said. “If the past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of our domestic supply chain and manufacturers. By continuing to allow for additive manufacturing, we are strengthening our defense industrial logistical network. We must always ensure servicemen and women go into combat with the most advanced equipment available.”

Requests for Equitable Adjustment Amendment
Rep. Thompson led this amendment in the NDAA requiring the Department of the Navy to submit to the defense committees a report detailing the processing of Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REA).

“By providing congressional oversight on current and historical REA data, we can ensure that defense contractors are treated fairly and reasonably for their work,” Rep. Thompson said. “This amendment improves Congress’s position to examine the systemic issue regarding delayed payment for work performed at the Navy’s request.”