Curwensville, PA – The firefighters in Clearfield County got to use an abandoned house in Curwensville as practice.

On Sunday, firefighters conducted a 16-hour structural burn session on an old wooden house on Ridge Avenue in Curwensville.

It took several months to prepare for the training and get the structure ready, and the actual burning took place on Sunday.

A training like this is a unique and beneficial learning experience.

Obviously, when a true emergency structure fire occurs, crews act as fast as they can to extinguish the fire in order to save property, and potentially lives. A training burn such as this weekend’s allowed many firefighters to experience things that they don’t have time to experience in a real house fire. Since urgency to extinguish the fire isn’t much of a priority in a training burn, firefighters were able to sit and watch fires grow, see how fires react to certain amounts of oxygen, and be able to read different kinds of smoke to predict what the fire may do.

They were able to conduct several evolutions of fires on each floor prior to the structural integrity of the house being compromised.

The class was attended by members of the Rescue Hose and Ladder, Pine Creek, Clearfield, Hyde, Grampian, BJW, Philipsburg, Horton Township, and Johnsonburg Fire Companies.

The following apparatus operated on scene: Engine Tanker 8-2, Engine Tanker 8-1, Engine Tanker 9, Engine Tanker 25, Tanker 39, Attack 29, Engine 1, Jefferson Rescue 10, and Clearfield Borough Fire Police. Rescue Hose and Ladder Company EMS provided rehab services.

A big thank you goes out to Captain Sunderland and a number of other fire instructors that traveled from all across the state to attend, and instruct Sunday’s burn. Also a huge thank you goes out to the property owner that gave the to opportunity conduct this training, and for also providing food and refreshments during the day.

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