Brockway, PA – After most residents who wanted the Brockway Area School District to reject the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s mask mandate left, the school board continued its regular meeting for September, adding staff members and paying for work at the baseball and softball fields.

Ryan Carter was hired as a temporary music teacher, taking a one-year contract to replace former music teacher Justin Salada, who suddenly resigned over the summer. Jessica Bash will be a three-hour classroom aide for the upcoming school year. The board also added Deborah Hrin as a full-time custodian, replacing Jessica Reagle, who resigned earlier in the month. Donald Allenbaugh will take over as softball head coach at a salary of $4,900. Angie Inzana will be a junior high cross country head coach, making $700. Other coaches were hired as volunteers.

Work continues on the baseball and softball renovation projects. They are adding concrete pads in the dugouts for $27,000. They approved payment for much of the project, $226,317.83, but they had conditions before paying the contractor. They are still waiting on turf because the manufacturer cannot get the fibers necessary to make the material.

The Title I After School Program will run four days a week from October 4, 2021 to April 28, 2022. This is paid with Title I funds. The district also approved the Classroom Success Program for grades 4-6 for October 4-28, 2021, January 3-27, and March 7-31, 2022. The approximate cost of the program is $8,200.00.

The agreement with the Dickinson Center, Inc., or Crossroads, was approved. They will provide therapeutic and educational services at a cost of $350 per day. Clinical Fellow Brooke Stello will provide speech and language services at a rate of $20 per hour one day a week.

Superintendent Jeff Vizza highlighted the schools standardized test scores for the previous years, many of which were better than 2018-2019 state averages. He said that the scores are just one of the reasons why it is important for Brockway students to be in school for 180 days.

The next board meeting is October 12 at 7 p.m.

Listen to the audio quote from Superintendent Jeff Vizza on standardized testing and the scores.