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DuBois Christian Schools students get hands-on physics lesson with balloons


DuBois, PA – Students at the DuBois Christian Schools got a hands-on physics lesson with some balloons!

DuBois Christian Schools 7th and 8th grade students enjoyed conducting an experiment to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion in science class this past week. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

To demonstrate this, the students inflated balloons which were taped to a straw that was then threaded onto about 10 feet of fishing wire.

Holding the wire taut, the untied balloons were released allowing the air to forcefully push out of the balloons.

The force of the air moving in one direction propelled the balloons in the opposite direction along the fishing wire.

This is similar to the Third Law of Motion as applied in the lift-off of a space rocket.

Below are attached both a video and a photo of DCS students doing some fun experimentation during class this past week.

In the photo, students pictured L-R are Chase Kaizer, Isaac Smith, Ella Shenkle and Sarah Joy Preston.