(LOS ANGELES) — In a new announcement, a jubilant Kermit the Frog shares a sneak peek of the upcoming Disney+ series Muppets Now — with some interference from “Joe from Legal,” a fuzzy beaver (?) lawyer who wants to keep the show a secret. 

The show clips reveal celebrities like Seth Rogen, Taye Diggs, Aubrey Plaza and Linda Cardellini — the latter through via a Zoom call — are all on board.

RuPaul also gets points from Miss Piggy for complimenting her. “I wasn’t fishing, but I’ll take it,” Piggy says.

As Kermit pitches the show, Joe from Legal tries to prevent the details from getting out too soon, to the famous frog’s increasing exasperation. 

Muppets Now will debut on Disney+ on July 31. 

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