(LOS ANGELES) — Remember the Disney/Pixar movie WALL-E, which pictured the humans of the future as stubby, atrophied blobs addicted to their screens?

That’s not too far from reality, according to researchers who have created two “models” that could reflect all the negative effects of 20 years spent addicted to streaming. 

Granted, this isn’t exactly a scientific study — it was commissioned by the website OnlineGambling.com — but its researchers warn people against becoming the living embodiment of their male and female avatars, dubbed Eric and Hanna.

“From obesity and posture damage to premature ageing and bloodshot eyes, these are just some of the nasty effects they gathered through their research,” researchers told the Mirror of the models, which reflect a worst case scenario of years spent streaming. 

In addition to pale, spotty complexions, both doughy, slouching “models” sport varicose veins, misshapen leg muscles and “dead-butt syndrome.”

The researchers explained: “Sitting for too long puts persistent pressure on the pelvic region, which damages your glutes — causing backache, and pain in the hip region and ankles.”

To boot, “Bingeing usually means you sleep less, often leading to depression and anxiety.”

So after that next episode of whatever you’re watching, how about getting some fresh air?


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