(LOS ANGELES) — It will be a day long remembered for San Diego nurse and Star Wars fan Chloé Ducos, who was hailed by Jimmy Kimmel — and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill — on Thursday night’s show. 

The late-night host announced Ducos as his latest #HealthCareHero, working on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, administering tests for the disease. 

When getting to know Kimmel via video, Ducos admitted she’s a massive Star Wars fan who’s seen the movies more than ten times each. 

As she discussed her fandom, the Star Wars theme began to play, and Kimmel was replaced by a cloaked figure, who pulled his hood down to reveal Hamill. “Oh my God! Hi!” a shocked Ducos responded to Hamill, her eyes welling with tears of joy. 

“Chloé…” Hamill replied, “The Force is strong with you.”

The actor thanked her for her service, and added, “I applaud you for having seen the Star Wars movies more than I have.”

“I’ve been reading about all you’ve done, six years as a nurse, teaching at night, you’re in the tents,” Hamill said. “I mean, that’s so great, I mean to me, I’m a pretend hero, you’re the real life hero.” 

Overwhelmed, Ducos said, “I’m having palpitations and I’m crying!”

Kimmel also told the healthcare worker that she’ll be getting $10,000 from PayPal’s PayPalItForward program, which will also provide vouchers to her co-workers.

For his part, Hamill also announced he’d autograph a lightsaber and send it to Ducos, advising her to use it wisely and not to take it with her to any protests.

“Star Wars fans are more than just fans, they’re family,” Hamill said, before leaving Ducos with, “May the Force be with you.”

By Stephen IervolinoCopyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.