By IVAN PEREIRA, ABC News(NEW YORK) — Police are looking for a cyclist who was caught on video assaulting and cursing at activists who were posting flyers in support of George Floyd.The Maryland-National Capital Park Police said they are looking for a cyclist who allegedly accosted the group, which included a young girl, in the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County on June 1.The group was posting flyers in the park promoting justice for Floyd that read “Killer Cops Will Not Go Free,” when the suspect confronted them, according to the police.The suspect, seen in an orange bike helmet, sunglasses, grey shirt and black shorts, was videotaped approaching the young girl despite cries from an adult woman to stay away, forcefully grabbing the flyer from the girl’s hands.The man filming is heard shouting, “Hey, leave her alone,” as the suspect approaches the young girl. A woman, off camera, shouts, “Do not touch her,” but the man rips the flyers out of her hands anyway. They plead with him “to just walk way,” but he then comes after the man who is filming.After cursing at the group, the cyclist takes his bike and rams the man who filmed the encounter, before shouting at him to take the signs down.No one was seriously hurt.Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call 301-929-2774.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.