(NEW YORK) — The highly relatable comedy Workin’ Moms debuts its fourth season on Netflix today, just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday. Creator and star Catherine Reitman, who plays mom-of-two publicist extraordinaire Kate Foster on the show, says it’s her mission is to help other moms out there “feel seen.”“A lot of fans have said, ‘I feel seen for the first time,’” she tells ABC Audio. “I think motherhood is so often portrayed as really broad, funny, one-dimensional… To be a mother is a very complicated situation. So to hear that ‘I feel seen’ makes me feel really good and really proud. And also a lot of pressure to continue representing people and make them feel connection.”Reitman is currently hard at work on season five of the show — even while in quarantine. She’s running a writers’ room via Zoom while also co-existing with three generations under one roof: her husband Philip Sternberg, who plays Kate’s husband Nathan on Workin’ Moms; their two young sons, ages 4 and 6; her mom, and her dad, Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.Obviously, Reitman’s earned her Mother’s Day this year, so what are her tips on how to show your appreciation for the mom in your life?“O.K., if you’re listening out there and you want to give the ultimate gift to your wife and/or mother: Leave her be! Just let her be. She’s good,” Reitman says.“Ask her if she wants some food, maybe a little something to drink and then go take a walk outside with the mask on and don’t touch anybody,” she adds. “Or go ahead and just go to another space in the house and let her read and take a bath.”

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