(NEW YORK) — Sheryl Lee Ralph was more than excited to take on the role of Commander-in-Chief in the new Freeform supernatural drama Motherland: Fort Salem.

Ralph, who plays President Kelly Wade in the series, tells ABC Audio that the show’s creator, Eliot Laurence, personally picked her to take on the role after they worked together on his other hit series, Claws.

“I’m doing a new show and I can’t think of no one better to play the first black female president of the United States,” Ralph recalls Laurence saying to her. “And I was like, ‘Oh! Me? Oh, my God. Me?’ And that was it.”

“And I love it,” she continues. “And I’ve just been able to enjoy bringing this character to life.”

Set in an alternate, present-day America where witches are now on the front line using their magic to defend the U.S., Ralph says she loves the progressiveness of the series, which includes characters of diverse backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations.

“I feel so glad and so happy that Eliot Laurence thought to include everybody and flip the script,” she says. “I mean, here you’ve got everybody represented in a world that is led by women — with a history and a foundation that was built by women…. especially adding to the mix, the woman of color.”

As far as what fans can expect from her character in the upcoming episodes? Ralph promises you won’t be disappointed.

“When the General and I go head to head, ahhh honey, let me tell you: the sky will never be the same,” she teases. “Never. So I’m just gonna leave it there.”

“Somebody is gonna go down,” she adds. 

Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform. 

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