(LOS ANGELES) — Joe Pantoliano from The Sopranos is lucky to be alive after being hint by a car while taking a walk around his neighborhood.  The actor, who is on the mend, suffered a “severe” head injury and chest trauma.

TMZ reports that the Bad Boys series star was taking his daily stroll when a car t-boned a Porsche and sent it careening into him.  Upon impact, he went airborne and was thrown backward into an old wooden fence.  In addition to his head and chest injuries, his shoulder and left leg were also wounded.

His wife, Nancy Sheppard said he was quickly rushed to the hospital and was promptly treated.

Before the crash, the actor posted a video in the minutes leading up to the incident, where he marveled over a double rainbow in the sky while on his walk. 

After word broke about the crash, the 68-year-old quickly assured fans that he is doing fine by posting a photo that showed off his head injury on Friday.  A closeup shows the deep “X”-shaped gash on the left side of his scalp.

Joey is home recovering. He has a severe head injury and some chest trauma,” the post confirmed. ” He is going to be dark on social media for a couple days while recovering.”

The update did encourage fans to keep sending in encouraging messages, saying the family will “be reading them to him to help him get better!”

Pantoliano earned some warm regards from Jack Black, who wrote in “National treasure. Get well soon!” while Martin Lawrence cheered, “Praying for a speedy recovery brotha! Much love.”

TMZ says both drivers in the accident remained on the scene.  Police are investigating the crash.

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