(LOS ANGELES) — Grant Gustin opened up about his private struggle with anxiety and depression, which he says he’s had since childhood.

The Flash actor candidly spoke about his mental health on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You, on Wednesday.  “Since probably 4 or 5, I’ve dealt with, like, anxiety…depression,” Revealed Gustin, adding that his symptoms first manifested as “weird, anxious-type dreams.”

The 30-year-old actor explained that while he plays a confident lightning fast superhero on the small screen, he says “anxiety is ever present in my life.”

“I’ve come a long way with taking a little pressure off myself. I’ve always been really hard on myself and I still am,” says Gustin, touching upon the fact that when he begins to self-internalize what stresses him, he becomes less of a pleasant person. “It gets in your way for sure.”

As for how Gustin manages his mental health, he says that he sees a therapist.  “I would recommend any kind of therapy for anybody,” he continues. “It’s really helpful in my life.  I don’t do it enough.”

He also says he’s been saying “no to, like, everything” to balance out his work schedule, which he says “is so constant.”  That alleviates his anxiety by allowing him to solely focus on his work and not feel distracted.

The Arrow alum also revealed that he and his wife Andrea Thoma went through couples therapy before they married, saying it helped him prepare for marriage and learn ways to work through any future obstacles. 

“It was good for us as a couple and as individuals,” Gustin detailed, saying that it helped them strengthen their communication skills despite their opposite personalities and alternate approaches to dealing with stress.

“I’ll probably be working on [communicating] until the day I die, honestly,” he concluded.

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