(NEW YORK) — Tiffany Boone stars as Roxy Jones, a driver and skilled fighter in the Amazon Prime series Hunters. 

Inspired by real events, the series that’s set in New York during the 1970s, follows a diverse group of Nazi hunters working to take down Nazi war criminals living in the U.S. Boone tells ABC Audio that she was surprised to learn that her role in the series would be so physical.

“When I first signed on, I didn’t know that I’d be fighting,” she says. “So, I didn’t do a lot of training in advance while I was filming in New York.”

Although the physical aspect was something new to Boone, the actress says she welcomed the experience, adding, “It was my first time ever doing a fight scene and I fell in love with it.”

The Chi star, who now says she “enjoys doing stunts,” also reveals that her character Roxy gave her a newfound confidence.

“Her physicality is so important to who she is,” Boone says. “She has to walk into a room and you have to go like, ‘Oh, this is a girl you don’t want to mess with."”

“And I am small and tiny [and] people tend to not take me very seriously sometimes because I am so small,” she continues. “But, when I’m playing Roxy, I feel like I’m seven feet tall.”

Of course, with such an inspirational character, it’s no surprise that Boone doesn’t want this to be the end of Roxy.

“All of our fingers are crossed about [a season two],” she says. “With the current climate, what’s happening with coronavirus…everything’s kind of on hold across the board for the industry.”

“But, I would love to play her again,” she says. “So fingers crossed once this passes.”  

Hunters is available now on Amazon Prime.

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