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DuBois Christian School students using STEM skills by working with circuits


DuBois, PA – As a part of Mrs. Montgomery’s Algebra II class at DuBois Christian Schools students have been working together to design and build models of working electronic circuits.

For the final 15 minutes of class each day this past week, students have been assigned one required build to complete. After their required build is completed, they are able to choose from a series of builds that interest them.

When asked which build is his favorite, senior student Alex Hallowell said, “Anything space war!”

When built correctly the circuits will perform multiple desired functions allowing students to see in more concrete ways how electricity, resistance, and energy transfer, work.

Mrs. Montgomery, as well as her students, love hands-on learning! Mrs. Montgomery uses these activities to help increase student skills in cooperative work, reading technical diagrams, logical thinking, and diagnosing problems, all of which relate back to the logical thought needed for solving complex mathematical problems.

Photo courtesy of DuBois Christian School

Pictured L-R: Gabe Hoover and Matthew Metzger