(LOS ANGELES) — Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, saw Peter, and the three remaining ladies, Hannah AnnMadison and Victoria F., all heading to Australia for Fantasy Suites Week, and for the first time in the show’s history, everyone would be living under the same roof in the same suite.

The episode picks up where last week’s left off — with Madison finally revealing to Peter that she has been saving herself for marriage. However, she throws Pilot Pete another curve-ball by implying that she can’t marry him if he gets intimate with anyone else.  That leaves Peter with a huge dilemma as to how and if he’ll step up to Madison’s challenge.

The first date goes to Hannah Ann, who provides little drama as she and Peter go for a jet ski exploration of the Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches by day, followed by an ultra romantic night together in a luxurious penthouse.

Next, following their disastrous hometown date, Peter and Victoria F. share an intimate helicopter ride to breathtaking Morans Falls, peppered with some serious discussions about a possible future together.

At dinner, Victoria explains why she keeps pushing Peter away, blaming a past relationship with an old boyfriend who made her feel like she wasn’t “good enough.”  Peter assures her that won’t be the case with them, and that he wants her to feel like she “deserves all the love in the world.”  The date ends with a night together in a cozy little hideaway in the woods.

Finally, Madison, who has been struggling all week with the idea of fantasy suites gets her chance alone with Peter.  The date starts with the two taking their relationship to new heights — literally — by tackling SkyPoint Climb, an external building walk to the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings.

The tone of the date quickly changes during dinner, when Madison asks Peter if he has been intimate with either Hannah Ann or Victoria.  When his answer is “yes,” Madison struggles to decide whether she should continue or go home.  Peter begs her to stay, but after a lot of soul-searching, the episode ends with Madison being the one to finally walk away.

The Bachelor continues Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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