(LOS ANGELES) — Any woman in the history of ever knows that some dress materials wrinkle a lot worse than others. That said, Jennifer Aniston knew she was playing with fire when she adorned a form-fitting satin dress for Sunday’s SAG Awards.

Thankfully, the Golden Globe winner seemed to know exactly how to keep those pesky creases from forming on her silky smooth ivory gown.

The Morning Show actress demonstrated on Monday the extreme measures she underwent to ensure a picture-perfect entrance on the red carpet. 

Aniston posted a photo of her reclining all the way back in the back seat of her ride to the award show with the cheeky caption, “No wrinkles… harder than it looks!”

The 50-year-old, who went on to win the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for The Morning Show, is flashing the peace sign and a proud open-mouthed grin at the camera as she lays practically flat as her knees comically press against the front seat of the vehicle.

The second photo in her hilarious Instagram post shows the aftermath of the SAG Awards, with her actor statue perched atop her marble tub.  In addition, the dress Aniston labored to keep wrinkle-free is hilariously draped over the rim of the tub next to her shoes that look like they had been kicked off.

“Somewhere between these two photos, my peers gave me a gift I will cherish and a night I will never forget,” Writes the Murder Mystery actress. “Thank you @sagawards, @themorningshow, and our incredible cast and crew. Let’s get back to work!”

The Morning Show, which is available exclusively on Apple TV+, was recently greenlit for a second season, which will premiere in November 2020.

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