(WASHINGTON) — After a late night of primetime speechmaking, members of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday are debating the specific language of the impeachment articles targeting President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.This is the second day of what’s called a “markup” — where members can propose changes to the wording of the articles — but few if any amendments are likely to be approved by the Democratic majority on the committee.In the first stage of the markup Wednesday night, Democrats continued to defend their handling and the pace of the impeachment proceedings while Republicans attacked them for pushing to remove Trump for political reasons.Here is how the hearing is unfolding:

9:30 a.m.GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio proposes an amendment to strike the first article that states the president abused his power in his actions toward Ukraine and asking for the investigation of his political rivals.Jordan maintains that a “quid pro quo” never occurred.”This strikes Article 1 because Article 1 ignores the truth. Four facts, five meetings. We’ve known there have been four facts that have not changed, will not change, will never change and we’ve known it since September 25th when the call transcript was released,” Jordan says. “It shows no quid pro quo. What’s interesting is the day the transcript came out, even chairman Nadler said there was no quid pro quo in the transcript.””Article 1 in this resolution ignores the truth, the facts. It ignores what happened and what has been laid out for the American people over the last three weeks. So I hope that this committee will come to its senses, that it will adopt the amendment and strike article 1 from the resolution,” Jordan says.Democratic Rep, David Cicilline of Rhode Island responded by saying the evidence is “overwhelming” and clear that the quid pro quo happened, reading from previous witness testimony and texts exchanged between American diplomats.9:03 a.m.Within seconds of Chairman Jerry Nadler gaveling the hearing in, Ranking Member Doug Collins again calls for a “minority hearing” at which Republicans could present their own witnesses before the articles are debated.ABC News’ Katherine Faulders reports from the hearing room: Nadler ruled against Collins and after, Collins appealed the ruling and after a vote, his motion was tabled — or set aside. Nadler has said a minority hearing could take place after today’s hearing. Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.