Brookville, PA – Rep. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson/Indiana) and the Jefferson County Historical Society (JCHS) are pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has awarded a grant totaling $10,798 under the Historical and Archival Records Care (HARC) grants program. The JCHS was independently able to secure matching funds in order to obtain this grant.

“Knowing where we come from, who our predecessors were and how they built our communities from a wilderness only a few generations ago, is a critical part of preserving our vast regional heritage for future generations to explore,” said Dush. “We are blessed in Jefferson County with a team at JCHS who are dedicated to not only storing important documents and artifacts but putting them together to tell the story in a way everyone can understand. I’m confident this funding will be put to good and proper use.”

The funding will be used to re-house and correctly preserve and organize significant photographic collections and train JCHS personnel in PastPerfect documentation and archiving techniques for valuable artifacts and information on a statewide basis. Part of the grant will also allow JCHS to purchase an adequate quantity of archival supplies to complete the project.

“We’ve already been working the past couple of months on this project with the resources we have.” said JCHS Executive Director Ken Burkett. “Caring for these items is a big deal. We are keepers of the county’s history. Our main function is to preserve and educate. This funding will help us do that.”

HARC grants fund projects designed to improve the preservation and accessibility of historically significant records maintained by local governments, historical societies and academic institutions. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

The Jefferson County Historical Society, located at 172-176 Main St., Brookville, is open to the public. Call 814-849-0077 for office hours and information on exhibits.