Sandy Township, PA – Over the past week in Sandy Township, there have been several minor vehicle accidents. Sandy Township Police also say that they responded to a verbal fight at a Clear Run Road home about Christmas lights.

Remember, police don’t just handle calls about crimes.

Sandy Township Police say that someone called them on Monday because they saw a man walking along South Brady Street near Breck Road, wearing only shorts and a muscle shirt. They were concerned that he was too cold. The man was gone when officers arrived, but it’s a a good reminder that you can always talk to police about anything that seems dangerous or out of the ordinary, not necessarily things that are just against the law.


December 2, 2019

Officers received a report of a man walking along S. Brady Street near Breck Road, wearing only shorts and a muscle shirt. The caller was concerned for his welfare. The man was gone upon officers arrival.

False alarm at a Treasure Lake residence.

A Treasure Lake man reported a delivery truck dumped a pallet of boxes of bread at the end of Industrial Drive. Investigation continues.


December 3, 2019

A 21-year-old Kilmer Road man reported that someone hit his truck while it was parked at the Sabula Church, causing damage to the right front wheel well molding.

A 59-year-old DuBois man slowed down in traffic when a 30 year old Treasure Lake woman hit his vehicle from behind. The woman reported she could not stop in time to avoid the crash. Minor damage and no injuries reported.

A 37-year-old Clear Run road man reported that his 32 year old girlfriend would not let him leave the house by blocking his vehicle in after they got into a fight over her taking his daughter to see Christmas lights without him. Officers handled the situation without incident.

False alarm at a Treasure Lake residence.