Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township Police say the past weekend had reports of minor vehicle accidents, harassment cases, people who were dumpster diving at Petco, and a suspicious man at the DuBois Mall.


November 15, 2019

Officers received a report of a dog barking outside a residence in the area of Wayne Road and Oakland Avenue. The dogs were taken in prior to officers’ arrival.

Two vehicles were involved in a minor motor vehicle accident at the Blinker Sheetz. Both vehicles were driven from the seen and no injuries reported.

A 53-year-old Bridgeville woman reported several hundred dollars damage done to landscaping outside their Treasure Lake home. Investigation continues.

Officers received a report of a man acting suspiciously outside the DuBois mall. Prior to officer’s arrival the caller reported the man went into a store. Officers were unable to locate the man.

False alarm at a Treasure Lake residence.

A 57-year-old Treasure Lake man reported that his ex-wife was harassing him via phone calls and text messages. Officers handled the situation without incident.

A 54-year-old S. Main Street woman reported her daughters estranged boyfriend was parked in her driveway. When she went to confront him, he fled the scene.


November 16, 2019

Walmart employees caught a 42-year-old Tozier Avenue woman attempting to leave the store without paying for $158.79 worth of merchandise. Charges pending.

A 21-year-old Bridgeville woman reported that her vehicle was hit and damaged. She wasn’t sure if it happened at Planet Fitness or outside Pittsburgh.

A Petco employee reported seeing two people dumpster diving behind the store. The people were gone upon officer’s arrival.

Officers responded to an alarm at the Dollar General on Shaffer Road after closing. Upon arrival officers found that the front door was not secure, the lights were on, and the alarm was sounding. When they entered the store, they encountered a 49-year-old N. Huntingdon man who immediately complied with officers and told them that he was just there to get juice. Investigation continues.

Officers witnessed a 62-year-old Falls Creek woman attempt to turn from W. Long Ave on to Quarry Avenue and actually drive down over the embankment and travel over the baseball field, then back onto Quarry Ave in an attempt to drive away. Officers pulled the woman over and after she was unable to perform simple commands, officers performed field sobriety testing on her, which she did not pass. The woman was taken to Penn Highlands for a legal blood draw. Charges pending.


November 17, 2019

False alarm at a Treasure Lake residence.