Harrisburg, PA – Thanksgiving is almost here! Will you be on the roadways, visiting family or friends?

Drive safely and remember to buckle up, eliminate distractions, and never drive intoxicated or impaired.

With the busy holiday driving period just around the corner, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission came together at the PennDOT Regional Traffic Management Center at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) in Harrisburg to remind drivers to wear their seat belts, drive sober, and eliminate distractions behind the wheel as they prepare to take to the road for Thanksgiving.

Remember, distracted driving is among the top reasons for crashes and fatalities. At this busy time of year, when there typically are more passengers in vehicles, it’s extremely important to stay focused and pay attention to the roadway.

When you turn your head to check on passengers in your car, your steering wheel often follows. Stop at a safe location to see what might be happening in the back seat. Never text and drive or look at your phone for any reason. Your life and the lives of others will always be worth more than a text.