Clearfield, PA – Police in Clearfield Borough had to respond recently to a couple of odd events, including a package that secretly contained drug paraphernalia that was dropped off at a local business.

They also found that, in a separate case, someone had broken into a truck and attempted to “hot-wire” it.

Clearfield Borough Police also were helped by a concerned citizen who found a young child walking along the roadway.


Clearfield Borough Police reports, sent Nov. 18

Police received a report of harassment that occurred behind a Cemetery Road residence. A man reportedly began yelling and screaming at another man because of where his car was parked. This incident is under further investigation.

Clearfield Borough Police responded to a garage on South 4th Street for a report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival, the victim showed police a truck that was located in the lot of his garage. The truck was broken into through the rear window and the wiring underneath the dash was tampered with. It appears as if somebody was trying to “hot-wire” the truck. The incident is still under further investigation.

Officers responded to a business on South 2nd Street for a suspicious package. According to the clerk, a man entered the store and handed the clerk a large manila envelope to give to a woman at a later date. Police seized the envelope and it was searched. The envelope contained several items of drug paraphernalia. The suspect is known to police and is still under further investigation.

Police were notified that there was a wanted man who was currently at a business located on Reed Street. Police arrived and took him into custody. The man was transported to CCJ and held on the warrant.

Clearfield Borough Police responded to the area of East Locust Street for a young child walking on the roadway by themself. The child was picked up by a pedestrian who held onto them until police arrival. The parents arrived a short time later stating they were looking for the child. According to the parents, they were working in a nearby building when the child ran off.

Police responded to an apartment on Turnpike Avenue for a reported theft. According to the victim, tools, furniture, clothing and $40 cash were stolen. The incident is under further investigation.