Harrisburg, PA (AP) — Although Pennsylvania elections were more than a week ago, some of the results are still technically up in the air. However, a Democratic candidate for a pair of open Pennsylvania Superior Court seats is conceding that she lost the race after unofficial results showed her fewer than 17,000 votes behind the second-place finisher.

Amanda Green-Hawkins, a longtime steelworkers’ union lawyer from Pittsburgh, said in a statement Wednesday that there’s an insurmountable number of votes to overcome and that a recount won’t change the outcome.

The Associated Press hasn’t called the race.

The apparent winners of last week’s election are Philadelphia Judge Dan McCaffery, a Democrat who finished first, and Chester County prosecutor Megan King, a Republican.

The 15-seat court handles civil and criminal appeals from Pennsylvania’s county courts. The court currently has eight Republicans and six Democrats, with one vacancy and one Republican retiring.