Clarion, PA – An investigation is ongoing after the death of Clarion County Coroner, Randall Stom.

56-year-old Stom was found unresponsive Tuesday morning in the 400 block of Grant Street in Clarion Borough.

He was taken to Clarion Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Officials don’t say if there was anything unusual about the death, but they do confirm that an investigation is underway.

The cause of death has not been released.

Many of the same people who had worked with Stom during his career also had to respond to the scene of his death, including the Clarion Borough Police, Clarion Hospital Ambulance, Clarion University Police, the county sheriff, State Police in both Clarion and Punxsutawney, and the district attorney.

Stom had been elected the Clarion County Coroner in 2017. For the five years before that, he had served in the same field as deputy coroner and chief deputy coroner.


According to Clarion County, the coroner’s job involves the following:

“The Clarion County Coroner’s Office serves the people of Clarion County in determining cause and manner of death for those cases which fall under its jurisdiction. Typically, those are cases where a death is: unattended, involving a motor vehicle accident, an apparent suicide, a possible drug overdose, from a hospital admission less than 24 hours prior, or in those cases where medical professionals are not available to provide background or history or are unable to certify the death. The Coroner’s Office also authorizes all cremations for deaths that occur in Clarion County. The office is part of the Emergency Response group which has been working on emergency management plans for the County.

“The Coroner’s Office provides requested services to the people of Clarion County in a professional and respectful manner, being sensitive to their needs, the needs of law enforcement and the courts. The office balances all of this while trying to maintain a cost efficient office and keeping costs at a reasonable level. All of this is achieved on county-owned property utilizing the County Morgue and relying little on private facilities unless absolutely necessary.​”