DuBois, PA – This Saturday, the local film “Shooting Heroin” will premiere at the The Reitz Theater in DuBois. “Shooting Heroin” is a narrative feature film on the opioid epidemic in rural America.

Inspired by true events, this fictional story is about a small town that comes together to fight back against the spread of drugs… by whatever means necessary.

The show starts at 7 p.m. at the Reitz Theater on Saturday. Tickets are $10 and are available online at ReitzTheater.com and at the box office on show night.

Learn more at Shooting Heroin’s IMDB page.

"Shooting Heroin" – 4th of July Teaser Trailer

"Shooting Heroin" (2019) – A new feature film on the current opioid epidemic in America.GENRE: Action, Revenge, CauseRuntime: 90 MinutesRelease Date: Fall 2019 (unannounced)Please share our film with groups already doing good work in this field and friends or family you think may be interested in the carefully handled subject matter.Synopsis:The opioid epidemic is currently ravaging the heartland of america,and “Shooting Heroin” explores what it looks like to be a small townaffected by this terrible crisis. Filmed in the rust belt ofPennsylvania, this film offers heartbreaking realism of the livesruined by this epidemic, but also shows a small town that fightsback to take justice into their own hands.Starring:Alan Powell, Sherilyn Fenn, Garry Pastore, Nicholas Turturro, Cathy Moriarty, Rachel Hendrix, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Brian O'Halloran, Jordan Fitzsimmons, Daniella Mason, Ola Ray, Jackie Siegel, Queen of Versailles, Dax Spanogle, Prodigal Nathan, K.C. Kantz, Holly Crumrine, Pat Romano Jr. and Jeremy WellsCREW: Directed & Written by Spencer T. Folmar – Film Director & Producer, Cinematography by John Honoré, 1st AD Marc Garland, 2nd AD @David Catalano, UPM @Brandon Riley, Production Supervisor William Grigsby, Production Design Kimberly Matela, Sound Mixers Rob Zogby and Dave Majcher, Jessica Wingate Set Photographers Wisor Photography, Composer Mike Newport – Film and Trailer Music Composer

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Interview with director, Spencer Folmar