Brockway, PA – The Brockway School Board got to see what a grant-funded plasma cutter can do.

The computer-aided design plasma cutter allows teacher Matt Holt and his students to draw what they want to cut using a computer program. Once the design is done, then the plasma cutter cuts out the design on metal. Holt explained the cutter and how it helped them create a sign for the school’s tennis courts.

As a thank-you to the board, Holt and his students teamed up with Kyle Norman’s wood shop classes to make new name plaques for each board member. The wood plaques have a metal plate on the front with the boardmember’s name cut out.

The school board also approved several teaching training trips as well as field trips for the students. It hired coaches or assistants for wrestling and cheerleading.

Superintendent Jeff Vizza thanked teachers Beth McMeekin and Robin Baxter for organizing the homecoming event. The homecoming dance brought over 200 dancers to the school.
The next board meeting will be held November 12 at 7 p.m.

Longtime school board council member Robert Cherubini shows off his new name plaque

Teacher Matt Holt and student Adam Stine hold the newly created tennis sign, designed by students and produced on the plasma cutter