Brockway, PA – The Brockway Fire Department is hosting a recruiting day next Sunday, Oct. 13 at 10 a.m. The event will be held at the fire hall in Brockway. The event is attempting to combat the decline in volunteers throughout the state.

Brockway has seen a drop in manpower since 2016. Just three years ago, 12 firefighters responded to a call. Now, they have 7 or 8 people, not counting fire police.

Brockway Fire Captain Mike Hoskavich hopes that the event will bring in new members.

The goal of the event is to give attendees an overview of what it means to be a firefighter in Brockway. Those who choose to come will learn how to put on the gear, how to pull a hose lines, what it feels like to have water going through that hose, and how hard it can be to cut open a car. The department will have a car on site to cut open.

Anyone interested in attending the event can call the Brockway Volunteer Fire Department at 268-4000 or send a message through Facebook. However, the department will not turn anyone away if they show up at the event. Refreshments will be provided, along with a Brockway FD t-shirt.