Brookville, PA – Brookville’s own Blackbird Distillery recently won a nationally-recognized Gold Medal for their Hot Cinnamon Shine and a Silver Medal for their Apple Black Shine.

The acclaim came when the announced their picks for flavored moonshine, featuring the locally-made product on their marketing channels. “The Fifty Best” is a digital guide to fine living, featuring unbiased reviews of restaurants, food, wine & spirits, travel, and more.

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The selections were made at a blind tasting of 12 flavored moonshines with 14 members of the group’s spirits judging panel, which includes wine/spirits journalists, spirits professionals, wine/spirit retailers, mixologists, spirits consultants and connoisseurs. Using professional guidelines, the panel of judges tasted the flavored moonshines, scoring them individually on a 1-5 point system. Double Gold, Gold and Silver Medals were awarded for the “Best Flavored Moonshine” category for 2019. has published all results, along with tasting notes on their website. Blackbird Distillery’s Hot Cinnamon Shine was described as having a “hot cinnamon, sour apple, citrus” scent, a “Big Red gum, orange peel, woody, liqueur-like” taste and a “smoky cinnamon, complex, pungent, well-balanced” finish.

David and Jen Black, owners of Blackbird’s Distillery, say they are grateful to have their handmade moonshine recognized on The Fifty Best list. “We are so very, very thankful for this award,” Jen said. “And we look forward to continuing to make the absolute best shine from scratch for our customers.”

Blackbird Distillery offers 28 flavors of hand-made moonshine as well as a wide selection of smoked meats, cheeses and homemade wing sauces. They are open every day but Christmas. Fans of the locally-made moonshine can also visit their local liquor store for the award-winning Apple Black as well as the Apple Pie and Hot Cinnamon moonshine. Most recently, Blackbird’s has added Special Edition 101 Flasks to their storefront and participating liquor stores.