Sandy Township, PA – Police in Sandy Township say there have been a couple of minor hit-and-run crashes over the past few days, in addition to another fender-bender at an intersection near DuBois, a damaged cell phone, and a domestic disturbance. You can read more details at

September 1, 2019

A Hawk Run man reported that his daughter had accidentally left her phone in the restroom at Walmart.  When they returned to get it, it was gone.  When they called her phone, someone answered and hung up when confronted.  The phone was later returned, broken, to Walmart. Investigation continues.

A 27-year-old Ridgway woman called 911 stating her 27-year-old boyfriend was holding her against her will and traveling on Rich Highway in their vehicle.  While she was on the phone with the 911 center, the man turned the car around and transported her back to her mother’s house.  Officers handled the situation without incident.

A Jeep driven by a 32-year-old Penfield lost a wheel while traveling on Dubois Rockton Road.  No injuries were reported and the vehicle was towed from the scene.


September 2, 2019

A vehicle driven by a 30-year-old New York man failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Rich Highway and the I 80 westbound off-ramp, causing his vehicle to collide with a vehicle driven by a 31-year-old DuBois woman, causing her vehicle to roll on its side.  Minor injuries reported and both vehicles were towed from the scene.

A Kane woman reported her vehicle was backed into by an unknown driver who then left the scene.  A witness was able to get a plate number of the offending vehicle and officers made contact with the driver.  The situation was handled without incident.


September 3, 2019

A 25-year-old Anita woman reported that while she was turning onto Industrial Drive she was rear-ended by another vehicle.  When she pulled over in the parking lot the offending vehicle kept going.  She was able to get the license plate on the vehicle.  Investigation continues.

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