(NEW YORK)–Wedding planning can be overwhelming. With the decor, the dress and the food, it’s hard to know what to choose.

Luckily, “Good Morning America” contributor Jessica Mulroney is here to help guide through planning a wedding.

“The really fun thing about bridal in 2019 is that anything goes,” Mulroney says. “People are really doing what they want and it’s great.”

 From the look and feel of the ceremony, to what you wear down the aisle, these are some of the top wedding trends of 2019.

1. Food

Say goodbye to canapes and hello to grazing stations. Instead of traditional hors d’oeuvres, people are opting for buffet-style grazing stations of meats and cheeses for guests to help themselves.

Mulroney says that locally sourced foods are also very popular right now.

And when it comes to dessert, food trucks are the way to go.

“At the end of the night, it’s not just about having your cake,” Mulroney said. “It’s about also having an ice cream truck.”

2. Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour used to be a casual way to kick off a wedding reception, but it has evolved into a key part of the celebration.

Mulroney shared that a fun way to spice up cocktail hour is with customized cocktails for the bride and groom, or by having bartenders who make specialty drinks such as cocktails with smoke coming out of them.

“Anything that you can dream of that you can drink is now at weddings,” she said.

3. Decor

When it comes to decor, natural greenery is the way to go.

“Grass is really big right now,” Mulroney said.

This includes everything from table settings to having the wedding celebration in a forest.

There are also some more traditional decor pieces that are making a comeback. High-tapered candles, which have traditionally been thought of as formal, are once again popular centerpieces, but there is a modern twist: surround them with natural greenery.

Among other decor options, Mulroney said you can’t go wrong with Lucite, rose gold or gold.

4. The Dress

A bride’s dress is usually a hot topic at any wedding and today, brides are opting for shorter dresses, jumpsuits and other dress alternatives.

Mulroney’s key piece of advice to brides is to never go too trendy.

“When you see your wedding dress in 10 years in a photo, are you going to love it?” she said.

“Trends tend to not be something that we love 10 years down the road.”

But one of the biggest trends right now that you may want to try is, instead of committing to one dress, brides are committing to two.

“They want to have the appropriate dress to walk down the aisle in, which isn’t necessarily their style, but they still want to look and play the part of a bride,” Mulroney explained.

“For their second dress, they want to do something a little more fun that reflects their personality.”

5. The Theme

From fun costume weddings to specialty dances, Mulroney has seen it all. But at the end of the day, she said that traditional weddings are still what most couples tend to go with.

“Traditional weddings are what is most in style these days, but it doesn’t really matter,” she said. “If you want to get married a certain way then, that’s your decision. You do you.”

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