Brockway, PA – The Brockway Area School District School Board met Tuesday after a summer break.

The board accepted the resignation of Elementary Teacher Laura Starr. Starr has worked in the district for 11 years. Dana Rindosh was hired to fill the open elementary position. The board also hired Melissa Knox as a part-time cafeteria worker. The board also welcomed new student representative Rylee Welsh. Welsh is a junior at Brockway. She joins senior member Anthony Glasl.

The district set the adult lunch prices at $2.70. The board also updated agreements with various agencies for the upcoming school year. No fuel bids came in, so the district will look for a provider within the district boundaries.

The Pennsylvania School Board Association sent a representative to honor two board members for their years of service. Erin Eckert honored Edward Yahner for 20 years on the board and Robert Grecco for 12. Superintendent Jeff Vizza thanked them for their dedication.

The board will meet again September 10 at 7 p.m.

Listen to the audio from Superintendent Jeff Vizza.

Left to right: Erin Eckert (Pennsylvania School Board Association), Edward Yahner (20 years on board), Robert Grecco (12 years on board)