(GETTYSBURG, Pa.) — A couple in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is hoping to make life a little easier for some special citizens in their town.Pamela and Steve Barry bought a new car to help young cancer patients and veterans get free rides to the hospital. The couple bought a Chevy Equinox with their own money earlier this year and worked with local artist Marvis Greene to decorate it.From Captain America and famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle to local children who passed from cancer, the vehicle is an homage to fictional and everyday superheroes.”We just really wanted to help critically ill children and wounded warriors,” Pamela Barry told ABC News’ Good Morning America.The small business owner and her husband also host an annual benefit called the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, where they unveiled the vehicle on July 27.”Hundreds of people were clapping,” Pamela Barry said.The car model’s name, “Equinox,” is fitting the couple said, because the definition worked well for their mission: the start of a new era and sign of hope for the future.Although they have yet to have any rides, the couple are eager to start their service, in which they will personally shuttle people around to treatment centers and hospitals.The Barrys want their “Equinox” to offer “hope and healing” to anyone who needs it in their community and “empower each other” to help those who need it.”We want to be a small part in making people’s lives better,” Pamela Barry said.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.