(NEW YORK) — Ann Curry doesn’t want anyone to suffer in silence. The Emmy award-winning journalist hosts and produces an innovative new show called Chasing the Cure, designed to help solve medical mysteries in real time.

The show, airing live tonight on TNT and TBS, will follow a series of patients searching for answers to their mysterious ailments, including a woman who’s had a severe headache every day for nine years and a teen girl who woke up one day deaf in one ear.

Curry explains the benefits to the show’s unique crowd-sourcing capabilities.

“We are each other’s best resource and when we expand how many people know about our suffering, our challenges, we have a better chance of rising from them, we have a better chance of easing our suffering and becoming well again,” Curry tells ABC Radio.

She adds that by airing live, producers are able to get immediate advice from every doctor or medical professional watching, as well as anyone who’s had a similar symptom or who knows someone that has. Viewers can call in, email or use social media to connect — even if it’s just to share some kind words.

“You fall in love with these patients, you start to cheer for them and you want them to be well,” Curry says. “And even encouragement online, even if you know nothing, sending encouragement, I’ve seen it already in our interactions with these patients — that it matters.  It matters that they’re seen, it matters that they’re heard, it matters that they’re not suffering alone.”

Chasing the Cure airs live tonight at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on TNT, TBS and on ChasingtheCureLive.com.

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