Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township Police have responded to several notable cases over the last few days.

Some of the cases include the following: a woman who was huffing computer duster on the path between Walmart and the bowling alley, a 14-year-old boy who said his mother’s boyfriend threatened him with a drill, an argument about the custody of a child in the parking lot of a funeral home, an electric shopping cart that was attempted to be taken from Walmart, and a man who called to say that his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend had flipped their middle fingers at him while driving.

Read the full reports below.


August 3, 2019

Officers were called to a path between Walmart and the bowling alley for a woman who was passed out on the trail.  Upon officer’s arrival the woman was sitting up but not coherent.  She had a bag that contained 5 cans of computer duster and at one point she took a can of the duster and began huffing it in front of the officer.  The 35-year-old E. Long Ave. woman was taken into custody and charges were filed.

A 14-year-old boy called to report his mother’s Paramore threatened him with a drill.  When officers arrived, it was found the boy had been punished, and the 56-year-old man was using the drill to take the lock off his bedroom door.  The boy and his mother both claimed previous incidents that the man struck the boy.  Officers handled the situation without incident.

A 19-year-old DuBois was traveling on SR 322 and when he attempted to turn on to Kiwanis Trail he pulled in the path of a vehicle driven by a 53-year-old Reynoldsville man causing the two vehicles to collide.  The Reynoldsville man and his 51-year-old passenger were treated and transported by EMS.  Both vehicles were towed from the scene.  The 19-year-old was cited.

A Calabash Ct. woman called police to have them check and abandoned vehicle for a dead body.  Officers checked the vehicle and found it to be empty.  The owner was located and the situation handled without incident.

Officers received a report of a man near the Fullington Bus Station, trying to take his belt and pants off.  Officers were unable to locate the man.

Officers were requested to check the welfare of a man who appeared to have fallen off of his motorcycle in the area of the Blinker Sheetz.  The 57-year-old man stated he was riding the motorcycle and pulled over when he started not feeling well.  A man who was traveling behind him assisted the man until officers arrived.  The man’s sister came to get him and monitor his health.

Officers received a report that people were smoking something out of a glass pipe at a Hetrick Road residence.  There was no contact made with the suspicious individuals.


August 4, 2019

Officers responded to a Maple Ave residence due to a 911 hang-up call.  Upon arrival officers located a 35-year-old woman who lived at the residence. She reported that her live in boyfriend took their truck and she wanted to report it stolen.  Officers handled the situation without incident.

A 29-year-old man reported was received that a man staying at the Bobette Motel had several warrants out for his arrest.  Upon investigation it was determined that the 29-year-old was making the report after he discovered the man with his girlfriend, and was unfounded.

Officers received a report of a man and woman in a verbal argument at Bimini Beach in Treasure Lake.  Officers handled the situation without incident.

False alarm at Petco

False alarm at Joann Crafts

A passerby reported witnessing a female driving a car following a man through the Walmart parking lot, and they were yelling at each other.  Officers located the couple and handled the situation without incident.


August 5, 2019

A tractor-trailer hit another tractor-trailer while attempting to park at Pilot, then fled the scene.

Walmart employees reported an unknown person took an electric shopping cart and attempted to take it off the parking lot.

Officers were dispatched to the parking lot of Adamson’s Funeral Home for an argument over custody.  The situation was handled without incident.

A DuBois man reported that his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend drove by him while he was getting gas at the Blinker Sheetz and flipped him off.

False alarm at Red Lobster