(LOS ANGELES) — Ariana Grande took to Instagram last week to gush about her experience working with one of her idols, Jim Carrey, on his Showtime comedy series Kidding. Now, it’s Carrey’s turn to gush.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour Friday, the actor said he was left thoroughly impressed by the singer.

“You know, admiration doesn’t just go forward to an older generation, it goes backward as well,” Carrey told reporters. “She’s a singular artist. She has a gift, she has a thing that she does that’s like magic. You know, when she opens her mouth and sings, she’s just magical.”

Not only that, said Carrey, but she’s a “lovely person” to boot.

“She was so game and willing to do it and to put herself in a place of just being silly and innocent and fun and she was just a breath of fresh air, you know?” he said. “It was just a really lovely, lovely time.”

The trailer for the new season of Kidding shows only a brief glimpse of Ariana, dressed in a pickle-themed outfit. But Carrey revealed that they’ll be singing together in the episode.

When asked if that was intimidating, he joked, “I dunno, I’m sure she was nervous.”

More seriously, he added, “Yeah, I did think about that. ‘Oh yeah, tomorrow I’m gonna go croak out some half-a**ed song beside a world class songstress!’”

Last week, after Ariana wrote on Instagram that working with Carrey was “the most special experience of my life,” the actor tweeted, “Thank you @ArianaGrande for visiting our weird little Kidding world. What a lovely and buoyant experience it was to have you there. You picked up the magic fairy wings and wore them well.

Kidding returns November 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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