(NEW YORK) — Dollar General has debuted an exclusive makeup collection, and each item is $5 or less.Believe Beauty features a wide variety of items for lips, eyes, face, and tools and will be sold in stores and online.Staple cosmetic picks such as red lip picks as well as volumizing mascaras are available at unbelievably affordable prices.Beleive Beauty launched in March, and there has been growing buzz around it.The brand posted a mashup of products on Instagram, where one person left a comment saying, “Yes, I can’t wait to hit up my local @dollargeneral stores,” and another chimed in saying, “Oh I’m there, I need more chrome pots.”Dollar General later posted a photo featuring a vibrant lineup of nail polishes in red, glitter, and pastel tones from Believe beauty.Popular beauty vlogger Jasmine, who goes by Juicyjas on YouTube released a video with her first impressions of the line.In the 30-minute clip, she begins by trying the brand’s brow principal, which she mentions has a very creamy texture.At the end of Jasmine’s video, she shows how the Believe Beauty products held on her face throughout the day, and overall she was impressed — giving the brand two thumbs up.”If I had to grade it, I would definitely say A- because for the price, and just for how well they held up throughout the day, you can not go wrong with them,” says Jasmine.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.