(NEW YORK) — Imagine writing fan mail to your favorite actress, and then getting to co-star with her on a hit TV show some 15 years later. That full circle moment is exactly what happened to Molly Bernard with her idol, Sutton Foster.

As the Younger co-stars celebrate the show’s seventh season pickup on TV Land, Bernard, who plays unapologetic publicist Lauren Heller on the show, took a moment to reminisce about her teenage fandom.

“So I wrote Sutton Foster fan mail when I was 14 and she wrote back and I recently found an old journal of mine from Saturday, July 5, 2003 and I just sent this to the cast,” she tells ABC Radio, finding the text message in her phone.

Bernard then reads the entry, which encompasses her excitement at the time.

She wrote in part, “Yes! I got my return letter from Sutton Foster. This is so great. My idol. I am so happy…She made my night, my week, my day, my year! Sutton Foster! Woo hoo! This is crazy talk. I love this. Oh man. Things are going great.’”

As for how Foster reacted when she sent her that entry, Bernard says, “I mean she just she thinks I’m nuts because she knows how much I’m obsessed with her and how much I love her…She just wrote all caps, ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.’”

Sadly, Bernard says she won’t get to see Foster when the Tony-winning actress hits the Hollywood Bowl stage this weekend for a three-night-only performance of Into the Woods. But at least her teenage dreams came true.

Younger airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on TV Land.

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