(NEW YORK) — When it comes to bras, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Many women still don’t understand the three key aspects of finding the perfect bra, according to Good Housekeeping style director Lori Bergamotto.Top three things women do wrong when shopping for bras:1. The first myth Bergamotto busted when it comes to bra shopping is that the support comes from the band, not the cup. 2. Secondly, your bra size is not always the same. It’s completely common to be a 34C in one brand and a 32D in another. 3. Finally, when trying on a new bra, always fasten the middle hook when testing the fit that way you have room to move to the outside hooks over time if you need more or less space. “Knowing how a bra should fit is far more important than knowing whatever size you think you are,” Bergamotto told ABC News’ Good Morning America.Bergamotto helped women find their perfect-fitting bras and shared some of her top picks for where to go bra shopping.At the new online bra retailer Third Love, shoppers can find their perfect fit using a 60-second virtual quiz that jhelps cuts down on the time it would take to go try one on. Going into a classic brick and mortar bra store can also be immensely beneficial if you need help finding that perfect-fitting bra, according to Bergamotto. At Townshop in New York City, sales associates have been fitting women for the perfect bra for over 125 years. Another tip when it comes to finding the perfect bra is to buy a new one every few months. Elastic tends to wear out after about three months which can mess up the fit of your undergarments. Moreover, a lot of women are still wearing the same bra size since high school or college and don’t realize that their bra size changes many times of the course of your life — especially around having kids and nursing. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.