(SAN DIEGO) — Scarlett Johansson tells ABC’s Good Morning America that she’s relieved that she can “finally” talk about the fact that her character, Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, is getting her own Marvel stand-alone film, debuting in May of 2020.During the chat at San Diego’s Comic-Con this past weekend, ScarJo said, “I would’ve been happy to…end it at Endgame and walk away.”

She adds, “I was proud of the work that we had all done together, and that the only reason to do this stand-alone would be to elevate the genre in some way. And so hopefully, we will have.”Johansson offers, “You actually get to all the questions you may have had about this mysterious character and who she is…What are the secrets of the past that haunt her?”Johansson follows Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel as the second female hero to lead an MCU movie, and she’s ready.

“I think I’m in better shape than I’ve been in a long time, which is awesome to say, in my mid-30s, and also I have a five-year-old daughter,” she says, adding, “I never could’ve done this film 10 years ago…I feel much more comfortable getting kind of dirty and digging deep, and I think the film will benefit because of it.”The MCU has mentioned Romanoff’s past with her beloved friend Clint Barton/Hawkeye, who saved her life when he was sent to kill her — so will Jeremy Renner, who plays Barton, be making an appearance here?  “Oh my God, that’s when you see the tranq[uilizer] gun come out,” she joked about the MCU’s notorious secrecy.  While her lips are “sealed,” she did tease “surprises” to come.Marvel and ABC News are both part of parent company Disney.

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