(NEW YORK) — Entrepreneur Ty Haney, the founder and CEO of Outdoor Voices, is pregnant with a baby girl!Haney, 30, is expecting her first child with her fiance Mark Wystrach, and is due this November.”As a young female founder and CEO it’s so cool to show that you don’t have to choose career or family,” she told Good Morning America. “And that you don’t have to pick one path, that you can parallel path those things.””As a female-founded company my hope is to make strides as to understanding what the needs are for parents in the workplace, and to really take action,” she added.In only four years, the 30-year-old CEO has made an impression in the fashion industry, raising more than $56 million from investors like Google Ventures and attracting former J.Crew CEO and venture capitalist Mickey Drexler as chairman of the board.Haney added that they currently have a policy that welcomes dogs in the office, but they’re looking to expand that to help working parents.Haney said her fiance was “a little shocked at first” about having a girl, but is now “beyond excited.”As for Haney, she said she’s thrilled to raise a girl.”I’m excited to bring a girl into the world, especially in this day and age when we’re really standing on a point of strength, and there are so many examples of strong women doing great things,” she said.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.