(LOS ANGELES) — Un-wine with a yoga class that’s all about adding a little flavor to the practice.Vino Vinyasa Yoga, a unique studio in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, Texas, offers the opportunity to mix yoga with wine tasting. The first part of the experience is a 45-minute, all-levels yoga flow.The yoga and wine educated instructors lead students through poses while also telling them facts about wine.Then students move on to tasting different wines. “Pretty much any grape you can imagine, we have a different class,” said founder Morgan Perry. “So if you come back time and time again, you’re always tasting a different wine and learning something new.”Perry says the classes take place at different venues. The one ABC News’ Good Morning America visited took place at Hummingbird Nest Ranch near Los Angeles. “Wine tasting is really, really mindful and yoga is obviously a mindful movement but they both require balance as well,” Perry said. “You want balance in your wine, you don’t want too much acidity or tannin or sugar and you need balance, obviously, for yoga.””I think that together they’re just really the perfect combination. They really complement each other very well,” Perry said.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.