(CHICAGO) — A hot dog may not be considered a sandwich, but now it can be a home.Oscar Mayer is opening the doors of its infamous Wienermobile for the first time ever to give hot dog lovers a chance to book an overnight stay in the 27-foot hot dog on wheels through Airbnb.This summer guests can call the Wienermobile home for the ultimate camp-out from Aug. 1 to 4 in the Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago.According to the listing, which went live for bookings on National Hot Dog Day, the camper/RV has one bed, one bath and can sleep two guests.Fans can request to book a one-night-only stay, which costs $136 per night.Additional rules include: “Must love Oscar Mayer hot dogs, obviously. No mustard and definitely no ketchup on the furniture (but plenty on your dogs as you please).””Guests must be over the age of 12. Maximum of two guests for the overnight stay, and no gatherings of more than six people at the Wienermobile.All Oscar Mayer and Airbnb ask of guests, “Be your best, not wurst, self” when enjoying a stay.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.