Brookville, PA – Brookville Council is hearing from property owners having stormwater problems relating to faulty drainage.

Tuesday night, Tania Norris and Joyce Wills addressed the ongoing flooding issue impacting their adjacent homes on Marlin Street. They said their homes have been flood damaged seven different times, with the borough still failing to make the proper fix.

The problem stems from excessive runoff from a previous drain correction on Elm Drive that now causes excess water to flow onto the Marlin properties. The matter now seems headed to court.

Council approved adding an additional handicapped parking spot in front of the courthouse, at the request of Jefferson County court administrator Chad Weaver. It will be at the corner of Main and Pickering streets to accommodate the increased number of those needing handicapped access when attending court proceedings.

Council also approved the local ad hoc rail-trail committee’s letter to send to Main Street property owners offering the installation of bike racks in front of the shops and restaurants that occupy their property. If an owner agrees to purchase a rack, the borough will install and maintain it.

Listen to the audio report from reporter John Pozza.