Brockway, PA – A planned power outage in Brockway left some residents feeling hot under the collar… literally.

Brockway residents were warned more than a week beforehand that power would be off in most of the town for several hours on Wednesday as crews had to replace a utility pole on 7th Avenue.

However, as temperatures rose to more than 85 degrees yesterday, Brockway residents started to feel the heat without their fans and air conditioners.

The power is back on now. Remember, any time the electricity goes out and it’s especially hot or cold, check on your neighbors.

Especially if you know someone who is elderly or ill, consider offering to drive them somewhere where the temperature is more reasonable. You might be able to go somewhere with them like a senior center, a store, or home where the electricity hasn’t been affected.

You might save a life, and you’ll likely make a friend while you’re at it.