(LOS ANGELES) — If you’re lucky enough to hit the beach this summer, getting in a workout while you’re there is easier — and more effective — than you may think.Working out in the sand increases resistance, forces you to use different muscles and it’s just more fun than hitting the treadmill or the gym.ABC News’ Good Morning America tapped Holly Rilinger, a Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel instructor and creator of the Lifted method, to put us through our paces with a workout in the sand.”My favorite thing about working out in the sand is I’m at the beach,” she said. “It’s a great way to get outside, use your body and have to use it very differently.””Your legs are going to be sore from pushing through the sand,” Rilinger added.This workout can be done at any time on any beach with just you and your body weight. Do the seven moves (plus a warm up) together as a circuit or each on their own.Watch the full workout below:

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