(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) — Daredevil Vicki Golden successfully pulled off a fiery motocross feat that even one of the most famed motorcycle stuntmen never completed.The four-time X-Games gold medalist motocross rider drove through 13 gates of fire and broke through the inferno of wooden boards at over 30 mph. “This was such an iconic record to go after,” Golden told Good Morning America on Monday. “It’s not something you hear about every day, everyone always wants to jump as far as they can possibly go and this was just something that just felt so good that it was inspired by Evel Knievel himself that I just had to go after it.”Evel Knievel was the pioneer of motorcycle daredevil stunts and never made it through 13 walls, making Golden the first stuntwoman to pull off the feat.Golden said her initial focus was “man I hope I don’t catch on fire” followed by getting through each board. “It sounds easy to count to 13 but not when you’re doing all that,” she explained. “I totally lost track of what I was doing.”Golden’s mom was in attendance at San Bernardino International Airport and watched as her daughter attempted the high temperature stunt. “She’s been there for all my struggles and maybe one or two of the celebrations so for her to be there for this [was] special,” Golden said. Freestyle motocross athlete Axell Hodges was also set to attempt a stunt where he would soar 200 feet over 25 semi-trucks, but he missed the landing at practice days before the event and suffered serious ankle injuries. Hodges was still there Sunday to support his friend Golden. “I’m bummed out for sure but there will be more to come,” he said.

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