(LOS ANGELES) — After announcing her pregnancy with a YouTube video earlier this week, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell revealed the baby’s gender with the help of some Power Rangers.

In a new YouTube video, Shay and boyfriend Matte Babel poll their family members to see if they predict it will be a boy or a girl. Shay and Matte are convinced it’s a boy, while most of their family guesses girl.

Then, the reveal commences and much to the surprise of Shay and Matte, it involves two of their friends dressed as the pink and blue Power Rangers.

The pink and blue Rangers begin a battle to see which color will win. They eventually end up in the pool, where they struggle to breathe with their masks on. Eventually, the pink Ranger gets out and runs to the couple, confirming they’re having a girl!

“Oh my god, everybody freaking knew!” Shay said upon learning the gender.

She added that while she’s shocked it wasn’t a boy, she is “obviously” happy to be expecting a girl.

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