(PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis.) — A 10-person flash mob made off with up to $30,000 worth of merchandise from a North Face store in Wisconsin this week.The incident occurred Monday night in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, when the ten men “entered the store with purpose,” Police Chief David Smetana told ABC News. “They were gone from the store within 30 seconds.””They knew exactly which area they were going to approach in the store, which clothing items they wanted,” Smetana said.The incident was captured on surveillance footage. No injuries were reported and no employees of the outdoor gear store were confronted, police said.Smetana said investigators were working with other police departments where similar events have occurred.He added that similar acts have happened in the area before, but “not to this level.””They grab as many items as they can, and they leave the store in multiple vehicles,” he said. “If you’re lucky enough to catch one of them, the other ones have gotten away at that point.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.