Pennsylvania – More pets are lost during the 4th of July holiday than any other time of the year… and no wonder why! Your dog’s ears are sensitive to those loud fireworks, and they can become anxious.

Leave your pets at home. Even if you think it might be fun to bring your dog with you to a cookout or parade, the unfamiliar surroundings and the sounds of fireworks can cause them to run off.

Make a comfortable, secure space. Before you leave, make sure your pet is set up in a place they are familiar with, like a bedroom or a crate. Keep the doors and windows closed to prevent escape. Give them their favorite bed, toys, and enough food and water to last throughout the night. Consider leaving the TV or music on to create some “white noise” to drown out the scary sounds.

Create a distraction. If you’re at home with your pet during the fireworks, give them something else to think about. Throw some toys around and give them extra belly rubs. Your pet will love the attention and will feel more comfortable.

Make sure your pet wears an ID. If your dog or cat escapes, this is the best way to let anyone who finds them know how to get your pet back to you. Consider taking your pet to the veterinarian to get microchipped! If your pet does run away, call your local Humane Society and other animal or news organizations to get the word out.