Brookville, PA – Brookville Borough has authorized the borough’s fire company to renew mutual aid fire protection to neighboring Rose Township.

At last night’s meeting, borough council agreed to let the borough and Pine Creek volunteer fire companies work out a shared agreement in responding to Rose, which does not have a fire company. The agreement would go to the 911 Center.  911 would then dispatch based on the location and needs required of each incident.

Council approved having bike racks on Main Street become public property once approved and purchased by individual property owners. The borough would still install and maintain the racks.

A request by resident Arthur McKinley to apply for a grant that would fund the purchase and planting of 25 new trees on Main St.  was denied. McKinley wasn’t at the meeting to present or discuss it. Council said they were not opposed to it in principle, but said they couldn’t approve something they never saw or had time to review before the grant’s submission deadline of next week.

The borough will be sending a letter to Historic Brookville, Inc. for guidance on how to replace several broken bricks on Main Street to help improve the downtown streetscape. Some of the bricks are starting to become a safety hazard for pedestrians. The cost of replacing the bricks are the responsibility of the individual property owners.

Council will review a sample quality of life ordinance for possible enactment. The ordinance is on the books in other municipalities including Reynoldsville. The ordinance would address the proper maintenance of individual property before it would ever reach the point of becoming blighted.

Council also approved the planning commission’s recommendation on Penn Highland’s plans for the construction of a new medical office building next to the Penn Highlands Brookville hospital.

Listen to the audio from reporter John Pozza.